how can i bring %dummy% in the drop down list of items?

in the drop down list of items such as title, artist,album etc i don't see dummy. how can i bring that item in the list? thanks.

In what drop down menu do you want to see it? Makes not much sense in the ones where you can choose a FIELDNAME, because the DUMMY field normaly does not exist. It is omitted when you write a sting like: %track% - %title% (%dummy%) in guess vallues. That's the idea behind the dummy field.
You can still create it with format value if you want to. It's not in the dropdown, but you can just type it in.
And it IS in the drop down menus where you can choose a %palceholder%. You find it there under "extended tags".

thanks for the reply .i find date and disknumber in the extended tag list and not dummy. i used to get dummy in the dropdown list of tagfields earlier.(245a).now i dont. yes i do need dummy to eliminate a tag field item when i use the action guess values.

as i wrote here and in the other topic, just type it in, afterwards it is displayed in the menu.

maybe I'm wrong. there were reports that some items disapeard from the list, but I didn't care much as i don't use the list often but simply type in what i need. I think this problem has changed a few times with the latest version updates.
here is the topic concerning missing list items, maybe there is some answer for you: