How can I do this.. Help me plz.

I like to insert 'Composer' data infront of the 'Artist' name.

Ex. Plz observe the attached image.

Composer: Sandeep Showta
Artist: Sujatha, Sowmya

Now I like to do the "Artist" field as: Sandeep Showta | Sujatha, Sowmya

I done the above thing manually. I have thousands of music tracks. So I like to do it automatically.
Can someone help me?

Why do you post in the off-topic section? This is a question, directly connected to mp3tag - in fact this is a frequently asked question.
Please refer to
in your case enter as format string
%composer% | %artist%

Leaves the question: if you have (painfully?) separated the two fields from each other, why do you want to merge them again and mess up the tag structure?

First I am saying sorry for wrong place posting.

Thanks ohrenkino. It solved my problem.

In my Mobile Phone not showing the tag details except Artist. Thats why I want to merge 'Composer' and some other details into 'Artist'.