how can I download Country´s artists information?

I order mp3s in folders Genre/Country of Artist/Artist/year-album/. Now I search nationality in wikipedia or lastfm. Are there any web sources for download Country´s artists information?

The find the nationality of an artist, I think you are totally depended on sites like Wikipedia and or a manual search.

Maybe the scripters here (Pone/Dano) have a different view/opinion.

What you could do for example is: use Google Search with the search terms "nationality + artist name" and filter through that.

Edit 14:22
Discogs also lists some info about an artist and their nationality

ok thanks

MusicBrainz offer that option.

First lines of websource script should be

MusicBrainz is much better structures and of course offers more options than Discogs (nr of discs, tracks, much much better queries). Although there are releases maintained in MusicBrainz and not in discogs and viceversa.

thanks! I try to do the script but did not work ... If someone with more knowledge can do would be great

I'll try to make a script.

I've added the script to my thread:

It imports a few more tags, but you can disable them at the bottom of the script.

great! It´s work very well! thanks :smiley: