How can I modify TRACK please?

I'm just a beginner and I am using version 2.32a as I am stuck with Win 98SE on my spare machine having moved to Linux on the main box.

Anyway, I've managed to tag my 6,000+ mp3s using Filename-Tag. My problem is that the track tags now have my old filenames of 8 characters (6 leading characters and then the last 2 digits are the actual track number).

What I want to do is remove the leading 6 characters on all my track tags.

I expect I need something like: $right(%track%,2) somewhere but I can't work out where to put it! The help file and FAQs lead me toward 'Format value', but this is not present in the Actions item in my Converter menu. I'm wondering if this is not available in version 2.32a or have I completely misunderstood how to go about solving the problem?

Did you follow these instructions?

It's also possible in your old version.

Many thanks.

I got there by trial-and-error in the end! The edit and copy icons on the right are greyed-out until I click on one of the three available options in Actions. I cheated by using edit and then selecting Format Value which gave me the window to enter the $right function - that has worked fine.

I had a look at the link and can see that the suggested approach is a better and more consistent way to do a similar job in the future.

Many thanks for your help, all ok now.