How can I remove 'underscores' from filenames & tags?

Some filenames and tag fields have used _ instead of a space, I'm sure I'm not the first to want to change these but I couldn't find anything when I searched.
To clarify..... I have filenames such as, "Bonnie_Raitt-I_Dont_Want_Anything_To_Change". I'd like it to read "Bonnie Raitt - I Don't Want Anything To Change".
The title field for the tag also has the underscores. I realize if I can change it in one of the 2 places I can then change the other.
I looked at the expressions some of you are creating, but don't understand them.

See FAQ: How do I replace the string "xyz" in tag-fields or filenames?

Man I really wish this process was easier like using a program like Flash Renamer. There have been soooo many times I've wanted to do something...add a space...remove a space...a character whatever...and was basically discouraged cause I think it's unnecessarily complicated.

I just wish there was simpler/quicker Flash Renamer type of way to re-tagg sometimes.

I don't know FlashRenamer but if you just quickly want to replace some characters, there are various quicker possibilities:

  • you can use a Quick Action for that: just press [Shift+Alt+5] or the respective button from the toolbar.
  • you can also directly change filenames and tags it in the file list by using a delayed double-click
Kind regards, Florian