How can I replace characters in the file name

Hello Friends

Does anyone know how I can achieve the following

In the filename box I want to replace the following

"character_character to " " without the "
example taylor_dayne to taylor dayne

"character-character" to " " without the "
example tell-it-to-my-heart to tell it to my heart

"character_-character" to " " without the "
example atfc
-_tell u to atfc - tell u

I would be very much abliged if someone could help me out

Merry Christmas

DId you have a look at the FAQs, /t/967/1 especially?

The example quotes "xyz" which should be the underscore in your example. And the single blank as replace string.

Thanks for the tip the only one I cant find is

"character-character" to "character - character" without the "
example atfc-tell-u to atfc - tell u

I dont want to above to affect any correct filesnames like artists - title only the ones that have artist-title


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As you want to have all hyphens with leading and trailing blanks I would do it in two steps:
replace all hyphens with blank-hyphen-blank
and as this will lead to double-blanks the next step would naturally be:
replace all double-blanks with a single blank.

This saves you from fiddling about with elaborate filters and regular expressions.