How Can I Split a String by Capital/Upper Case Letters?

Boy I hope someone here can assist me with this one.

In the mist of me learning how to use the Regular Expressions function of MP3Tag 2.73 I screwed up my entire library of 892 MP3 files.

I accidentally remove the "Space" from the first and last instance of a phrase for each field in the MP3 Tag (Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Comment...)

So instead of my having:

Title: Dance (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix)
Artist: 3 Winans Brothers & The Clark Sisters
Album: Dance (Louie Vega Remix)
Genre: Soulful House
Comment: Vega Records

I now have the following:

Title: Dance(Louie Vega Dance RitualMix)
Artist: 3Winans Brothers & The ClarkSisters
Album: Dance(Louie VegaRemix)
Genre: SoulfulHouse
Comment: VegaRecords

Again the combined phrase only seems to occur in the beginning and the end (First 2 words/characters and last 2 words/characters that were separated by a space) of every string for each field. If there are only 2 strings for the fieled, well the space has also been removed.

Can someone please give me a Regular Expression to fix this mess? I can't go in and manually split each combined phrase for my entire library. That would take me months.

Tried Googling for assistance, but the examples given don't seem to work in MP3tag:
Ex: ((?<=[a-z])[A-Z]|A-Z)
Ex: (?=[A-Z][^A-Z])

Can't believe I did something so DUMB!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try this thread for the "Upper Camel Case"
Regular Expressions

Putting a blank in front of parenthesis has to be dealt with in a separate action, "Replace" for the field with
Search string:(
Replace String: _(
(where the _ represents a blank).

Afterwards you can replace 2 blanks with 1 blank.