How can I use filter without loading tag info of my entire library

I would like to use the filter option to find the files I want to edit, but loading my entire library takes at least 20+ minutes and sometimes with crashes - my processor seems not able to handle that much amount of work (~115 GB of music). Is there any way to not load the tag information (e.g. just the path/filename only), then use filter?

You can disable tag reading at Options > Tags > Mpeg but then you can't use the filter on tag fields.
Or you keep ID3v1 enabled so you have the basic tags available.
Once you have filtered the files, you should activate ID3v2 again, select the files and press Ctrl+T to read the ID3v2 tags.

Well, I usually filter using user defined fields in id3v2... so it is not possible currently to just read only one field to speed up the reading process?

This is a good question. Is there anything feasible that could be done to optimize ID3v2 tag reading in large catalogs? Mine takes ~30 minutes, but luckily doesn't crash.