How could I convert case of filename

I would like to rename this files just like in the picture somebody tell me how to write the words begin/after any please
I don't have Tag's on file

If you only want to modify the filename, don't use _ALL, use _FILENAME as field.
If you want to get a capital letter at the beginning of each word, use the option "Normal" in the action of the type Case Conversion.
Specify which characters indicate the end of a word, e.g. if you want to have a capital letter following a hyphen, enter the hypen as special character.
Looking at the filenames, I would also add the comma and the ampersand.

I don't Know what to write I write afer "-" but don't works

In the action of the type "Case conversion" you enter as
Field: _Filename
Case Conversion: Normal
Word begins after: ., -&

Here I don't know what to write in this picture

I don't know how to put it any clearer.

i write - but not work tell me please the word I have to write

There is no word to be written - you have to tell MP3tag which character shows that a word ends and the next starts. So it is just a list of single characters.

If your filename does not change the case then you have a filesystem that does not really care - you would have to rename the file so that there is a real modification to the filename like an added underscore or something.

And all this would be much, much easier if you filled the tags and then created the filename from the tag fields.
Modifying the filename is something for dedicated file handlers.

Ohh then how can i write tag s on file?

See the FAQs:

In your case I would assume that you have to use the
pattern: %artist% - %title%

Thank you sooo much it's work

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