How do I Autotag by filename?

Hello! I'm here because I'm having problems now when it comes to labeling my music, since they no longer come with any labels as they came before, so I'd like to know if there's a chance that the labels will auto-generate depending on how the file name is shaped.
Luckily the file name is well structured and correct.

For example, I would like the labels of %artist% to be placed automatically because all the music comes from this style "Artist - Name of the music" so as the artist is always before the "-" it would be great if you could place it automatically because the title of the music is always after the "-" and it would be much easier to label it without having to go line by line trying to insert the labels.

I hope you can help me with this.

see the FAQs on the Convert function: /t/8016/1

Oh, I'm sorry to ask when the answer is already written. The truth is that I looked for frequent questions about the actions but not about conversions, I also used the search engine but I didn't get anything and for this reason I created a new thread...

Thank you so much for the help, that's all I needed.