How do I change the Cover of my mp3 file to display the image on my web radio player

Hello Good morning I'm new here in the community ... I have a web radio the mp3 text tags are customized correctly before uploading to the voxstream panel of my web radio and appear correctly in the webradio player and the app when I insert an image or frontend cover in the mp3 file the image is not recognized in the web player and the app is only recognized in the local folder or local player of my windows 7 or 10 but not on the web as I do so that the cover of the image is recognized in my mp3 file in my player Web Radio and smarthphone App

I'm waiting and thank you in advance

Luiz Antonio - Brazil

Problems with players showing pictures could have the following causes:
Cover not embedded -> embed cover
Cover dimensions to big -> resize picture with action "adjust cover", see
Cover inrecognized format -> use action "adjust cover" and transform picture to png or jpg.
Cover with unrecognized internal structure (progressive vs. normal) -> transform picture with action "adjust cover" to png and, if you like, back again to jpg.

So you have to experiment a little bit.

and in the case of incorporating the cover as I incorporate the cover in the mp3 file so that it appears in the web player

I don't understand, I am afraid.
All of the steps aim at embedded pictures. So, embed the picture first, then use the action "Adjust cover" to twiddle the various properties and see which one it was.

There are multiple technologies at work here. One is the tagging of the file itself. If you have added an image as a "cover" to a file, then the web player would have to read that "cover" tag and extract that specific picture to display it. While this is possible, most web players don't go this far. Most likely an image is being picked up based off a different database that the webplayer is pulling from. This is especially true if it's one provided and hosted by your radio provider. If it's a private self-hosted player, you may need to edit the php code to read the "cover" tag properly and display the data. Ultimately what your asking for wouldn't be a direct function of the mp3 tag program and once you've added that artwork as a cover, it's up to the technologies on the other end to be able to read and extract that specific data in that specific field.