How do I convert my mp3's ID3v2.4 tags to compliant ID3v2.3 tags?

titles tells all.

Enable ID3v2.3 tag writing at Options > Tag > Mpeg and re-save the tags.

So after I select id3v2.3 in options, I just select the files I want right click on them and select save?

Exactly, it will rewrite the tags from the files as ID3v2.3.

What option should i choose?:
ID3v2.3 utf-16
ID3v2.3 ISO 8859

Also how many should I convert at once or does it not matter how many ID3 tags I convert at once?

I'd use ID3v2.3 UTF-16. If you encounter problems with other applications try the ISO 8859-1 option.

The only limitation is your computer's memory. I'd begin with batches of 2000 files.

I don't even have 2000 files and I don't think I'll have any trouble with ID3v2.3 utf-16 with Windows Media Player

I have another question:
How do I get mp3tag to save both ID3v2.3 and ID3v1.1 for compatibility with a car radio?

The radio that came with a Chevrolet truck can't read ID3v2.3 and I would like for the radio to read tags on my mp3 discs.

Simply enable writing of ID3v1 tags at Options > Tags > Mpeg and re-save.

Ok so its not bad to have both ID3v2.3 and v1 in the same mp3 file?

No, it's not a problem.

Great I have solved all my tagging problems. Thanks for all the info.

One more question though
There is an option for remove tags and I was wondering if I should select any of them?
Right now I have them all selected.

Depends on what tag types you want to have removed when pressing :mt_delete: File > Remove Tag. The default setting is usually the recommended one.

What is the default setting?

Also, Can Mp3tag edit vorbis tags

Removing all tag types.

OK, I think it's enough chatting for today. Why don't you just browse around a little, read the FAQ and try it by yourself?

By the way, this questions is already answered in the FAQ: Which tag types are supported by Mp3tag?

Sorry about all the posts.