How do I convert Tag type from WMA to ID3


I have an Android smartphone and it doesn't seem to recognise music file Artist names from WMA files so I thought I could use Mp3tag to convert the tag type from WMA to another type which it seems to recognise (ID3 seems to be OK) I have searched but can't figure out any way of doing this. Can anyone help?



ID3 tags were designed with the MP3 file format in mind. ID3v2 tags will break formats which are container-based such as Ogg Vorbis and WMA. Here is some information on specific formats:

  • ID3 tags work in MP3 and MP3pro files
  • WMA has its own tagging format, which is specified in the wma spec, available in MSDN

So if you want ID3 tags, convert the WMA to MP3 with a audio converter.

Try this search in Gooooogle:

Convert WMA to MP3

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A real easy music converter is Xrecode:

Converts pretty much anything to anything.