How do I create folders for all albums tagged?

is there a way to use the Album, Artist and Year tag information to bulk create folders for all albums that the mp3s tagged with that album name would go into? (right now they are tagged but not in separate folders)

This link answered my question about how to use MP3tag to create folders for all one's albums using the Tag information:

It says:

To do this with Mp3tag, simply:

Open it.
Select all the files you want to rename (Ctrl+D to change to a certain directory).
Select them all in the list (Ctrl+A).
Go to the Convert menu at the top and select the first option, Tag - Filename.
For the format string, use my (in)famous one: %artist%\\%album%\\%title%
Click OK and watch the magic happen! It's truly a great program.

I do not understand why you use external advice on MP3tag functions if you can find it in this forum?!
Your question is one of the frequently asked ones and the answer can be found in the FAQ-section of this forum: