How do I download/lookup tags given that file name is song name

I have many music files with no tags or missing tag information. The only thing I know is correct is the file name is the song name.

Is there a way to search or look up possible tag information based on the file name being the song name?

I also had many MP3 music files with not tags, but I did find the toolbar button to take the filename and name the Title tag from it, thus giving that music file it's tag properties.

Just looking for a way to now fill out the rest of the tag information such as Album, Group...

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How should a program guess from the title only who performed a certain song? Is it the original? the cover by xy? the live version? part of a sampler? the maxi super extended mega mix? ... I am afraid, you have to judge for yourself.

If your filenames, though, also contain the artist then it is possible to transfer that information with very little effort.

Yes, I have been adding the artist. For the ones that I have not edited yet, is there a way to get a list of albums or CD's if may of come from? I figure another two days, and I will have of them tagged with the artist.

You can do a song search at and it will give you all the artists and albums that have that song. The list can be pretty long but it's usually easy to figure out who the original artist is. is another good source. Once you have the artist or album you can use Mp3tag to search Musicbrainz, Amazon or discogs.

Great thanks I will do that. Thanks again :slight_smile:

My discogs script has also the possibility to search for artist + title. If artist and albumartist are blank, it searches for title only. But it can display only 20 results.

After having found your the right result, you will need to put you track in the correct line in the "adjust album information" window, otherwise it will get the title of the first track of the release you pick.

Thanks I will try that also


I have my mp3 files named by "Artist - Title" format and i am trying to find a way to retrieve tag information from the internet about the remaining tag fields. I I have spent an hour reading several topics about the capabilities of mp3tag but i still have not understood how i can manage this using mp3tag. Can you please help me?

Thanks in advance!

MP3tag can help you to insert the right tracks.
But you need more information than just artist and title unless the title shows a lot of data like whether it is a live recording, the maxi version or whether you got it from a compilation.

So you have to either use something like Musicbrainz Picard to get a hint where a title might come from or research it your self.
Then, all the information of artist, title and album might help you to retrieve more data from one of the sources you find in the menu "Tag-Sources".
But you have to face the cruel reality: it won't go automatically.

I understand i may be asking too much.. but in any case, is it possible to set mp3tag to search for both artist and song title in discogs and musicbrainz? Even if it means i 'll have to manually select the correct result..


You always have to select the right version manually....
There is a discogs script as pone mentioned above.
Musicbrainz has its own tagger. Use that for the access to musicbrainz.

A word of warning: if you really haven't got a clue from which albums the tracks come then most of the automatic tools produce almost as many hits as they miss the right assignment. Some tracks appear on so and so many albums that only the surrounding tracks hint a likely album. This natural intelligence is hardly ever met by the tools and their artificial intelligence.

A good way to find the correct combination of track and album is the suggestion by musicbrainz, the MANUAL search in discogs and then the quick completion from the local copy of the freedb as DetlevD regularly posts here in this forum.
Finally, use one of the album art sources to round up your data mining.