How do I mass remove ID3v2 from a directory of mp3's?

I have an older DJ software program that I use. This program doesn't support ID3v2, only ID3v1. When I import an mp3 that contains a ID3v2 entry, the names just show up as random alpha numeric characters. After a lot of effort I realised that if the ID3v2 tag is removed and then the file is imported - its shows the artist / title correctly in the software program. I have a folder full of around 90 files I want to import and I want to mass remove the ID3v2 tags from each and every mp3 so that they display properly in the software program. How can I do this? I saw in the options there is a READ/WRITE/REMOVE option for tags but when I checked REMOVE box next to ID3v2 and then used an action to name the mp3, the ID3v2 was still intact.

If the program already displays data from ID3V2.3 tags (which it looks like) then the encoding could be the cause for the gibberish - see this thread on character encoding:

Thank you! That fixed the problem :slight_smile: