How do i merge Podcast Folders that are the same

Hi GUys

I searched the forums and couldn't find exactly what i need (unless it was in German :slight_smile:.
I have 1 folder in my Music>Podcast>ASk Dave with 12 podcasts in. I have gone through them and made sure by changing the ITUNESPODCASTURL tag for all Ask Dave entries to one URL, the value of the tag in the latest dated PODCAST (assuming that was the current feed URL) everything pretty much stayed the same even though all the ITUNESPDCASTURL tags are now identical. but still imports into itunes in 2 different folders??

Anybody help me with a workflow to merge Podcasts it seems an issue when you Google it jusy hope there is a fix


I am not quite sure what your problem is.
iTunes will not rearrange any downloaded files on the hard disk regardless how many tags you modified.
If files end up in various folders after download you would have to turn to the supplier and complain there.
If you want to get your collection straight manually, I would, first of all, release iTunes of the burden to store podcasts in the podcasts section by removing the itunespodcast tag altogether.
Now you can freely move around your files.
If you want to move them according to tags then use mp3tag and create yourself a mask for the converter "Tag - Filename" that has also segments that specify a path, e.g.

If you want to build up your own structure it would be a good idea to delete the itunespodcast tag and also rename the file. Otherwise iTunes is a little stubborn to accept that a certain file is no longer a podcast. This also applies to the compilation tag: once itunes has read a compilation tag the track stays part of a compilation even though the compilation tag may be removed ... but that is another issue.

Take a look at this thread:

Note: The ITUNES prefix has been removed from the tag field names since Mp3tag v2.47
So the correct tag name is PODCASTURL

Hi Ohrenkino
I was not complaining about MP3Tag far from it i love the programme (even though i am a newbie with it )
My issue is with how poor iTunes is when a Podcast changes a url or you have to move or alter your iTunes library and even though you back up your library.xml when u import it again it does not remeber everything.

See i have a folder with 20 live podcasts and i know iTunes has no control over this but when i import them into iTunes only 3 show as live ??? See attached image

Are you saying turn off ITunes 'Keep iTunes Media Folder organised'?
Then delete the tags you mention?

Yes, more or less. I am friend to keep control of my collection regardless of what third party suppliers think and how they do it. Esp. with podcasts it depends on the tidal level, the moon phase and fungus growth (I have the impression ;-)) what kind of labelling can be found in podcasts...
Still: iTunes will always put the files in the podcasts folder first. It is then up to the user to rearrange them.
But, if iTunes shouldn't interfere any more with the user's order then it is mandatory to remove the iTunes-typical fields to wrench that file from iTunes control.

For this an action "Remove tags" comes in very handy.

Do you have a tutorial on how to use the remove tag script??

Not me alone.
First have a look at the FAqs to see how to create a new action.
Then create own of your own e.g. with the name "Podcast cleanup"
in this select the action type "Remove tag field"
and enter the following list

podcast;netradioowner;COMMENT ITUNPGAP;podcastdesc;podcastid;podcasturl;contentgroup;netradiostation

you may add or remove fields according to your requirements.
After you have removed these fields all the podcast will behave just like ordinary tracks. As not all suppliers of podcasts modify the filenames it may be a good idea to also run an MP3tag action to rename the files if you want to keep them.


Well i did it and seems like a good idea, i did it and it kinda worked. But I do have 1 folder that now appears in my Movies folder (not what i wanted).

I would like the solution that iTunes separates things into different folders like it does now. But i hate it when a url / stream changes you get duplicate folders appearing in iTunes.

Your idea (or how i have done it) has backfired because now i have 1 folder in movies and i cannot remove them ???
If i try to put them back into Podcast folder they go straight into movies??

You also mention a MP3tag action are you referring to the Replace Action?

Check the file that appeared in the movies section with the extended tags dialogue of MP3tag (select the file in the mp3tag file list and press Alt-T)
Check whether this file has set the mediatype of some other weird looking tag that might influence iTunes to rearrange files in its lists.
Remove that tag.
If you let iTunes arrange the tracks then you are stuck with any kind of peculiarities that iTunes imposes on you.
If you take fate in your own hands then you have to do it all by yourself - which in the end is probably the more satisfying way.
If you append the old podcast files with the tag podcast and set it to 1 then you will see these files under the podcasts section again.

The action I referred to is the action "Remove tags", not "Replace". If you create a new action you have to select the type of action. "Replace" is only one of them. Use the drop down list of the "Create action" dialogue to set the action type.