How do I use the discogs search?

I've been trying to find an answer all over the forum, but I only see that the only way to use discogs is by scripts? I remember using mp3tag a few months back by just typing in an album title or artist name and I was given results. I can't seem to find any straight answer would anyone care to please explain this to me thoroughly? :slight_smile:

Where did you type in the album title?
Any kind of web sources access relies only on scripts. So I wonder what you have changed in the meantime.
You do not specify which access you use.
E.g. here you find a discogs script + explanation (thorough).

I was using the drop down menu where you can choose between freedb, amazon, discogs, and musicbrains. I remember using the discogs one and I typed in the artist name and it gave me results. I tried to do the same thing now and it gave me the error invalid line cannot connect to server window. I wasn't looking for scripts I was just wondering what they were because that seems like the only way I can use the discogs search.

All those functions in that menu rely on scripts that are stored in the folder %appdata%\data\sources

As the addressed internet pages regularly change the content of their pages it is necessary to update the scripts every now and then.
So if your script does not work any more then use the previously mentioned updated script (or any other you like and which can be found in

Thank you, I needed clarity.