How do you all usually tag love songs?

Well, sometimes I get a bit "stressed" with my songs organization. A particular case is how to tag most love songs. I always can't seem to find a genre that adapts nicely to what I'm hearing. Tags on internet (liked DiscoGS, for example) tend to describe albums and bands, but rarely individual songs.

Some songs are easier to classify than others: for example, "Creep" (Radiohead), is clearly "Slow Rock" for me.

I do know that this analysis is highly individual. One could separate love songs from sad songs ("Porcelain", Moby, which I happily tag as "Electronic"), some could tag according to the most prominent instrumental part ("Still Got the Blues", Gary Moore), others take lyrics into account (some seemingly love/sad songs are not talking specifically about love), etc. But I'm still interested to know how you analyze this.

However, there are some worldwide "classics" for my example: how do you tag "I Will Always Love you" (Whitney Houston), "Someone Like You" (Adele) or "Un-Break My Heart" (Toni Braxton)? The formal description of a "Ballad" doesn't seem quite right (although it's what I've been reluctantly using), "Pop" doesn't seem to do justice.

Some couldn't care less, but those of you who do, how do you proceed in your collections?

wouldn't the BPMs point into that direction?
I mean there are so many titles that have "love" as a topic and on the other hand BPMs well beyond 120 so that they are probably not very romantic.

What I am trying to get at: Title + BPMs then determine whether you have a love song or not.

Or what does qualify a love song in your opinion?

Only love songs? Then define "love songs"; for yourself

I mean:

  • songs for romantic dinner?
  • cuddling?
  • slow dancing during party?
  • having sex?
  • f-king?

That at least 3-4 different categories

Do not rely on some genres labels, do not use BPM. Just make your own categories. You can start with something like a point system, rating from 1 to 10, going from soft to hard; and with time choose how many categories there should be and marge in one those with 1, 2 and 3 points. You can choose just that or add also the second rating for tempo [but just do not count BPM /t/17133/1]