How does one use the Quality field in the tags?

I have seen a field called Quality in music managers like MediaMonkey and MusicBee. But this field does not show up in mp3tag. Why does it not show in the field list here?
I would like to use this field to rate the sound quality of the file, distinct from the Rating field which I use for the rating of the music.
Any inputs on this?

I think that quality is written by the encoder to describe the compression level.
This is nothing that the user can modify afterwards.

What do you see as value in MediaMonkey or MusicBee in this field "Quality"?

Could you show us a print screen?

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No, I get a drop down menu with options like Excellent, Very good, Good, etc. And I have been using that in Media Monkey. But the field in the same field of the file shows blank in MusicBee.

Hi, am new around here. I hope the screenshot posted here is visible. Am able to select from a dropdown menu of around 10 options in this field. I find it useful to filter out Bad Sound quality files or Include only Good Sound quality files. But I would like to understand what is this field that is showing in MM and MB.

Then it is a good idea to check the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) and see whether media monkey has written that data to a (user-defined) tag field. If you still don't see the field, then check if you have APE tags in the file but it could be that you don't read them. Change that and check again.
And if you still don't see the tag field, then it could be that media monkey writes the data just to its own database or in a format that no-one else understands.

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Great. Thanks. I found the field in Extended Tags. But interestingly I still don't find this field in MB. My intention is to be use this field in MB, where I made the entries in MM.
It is not clearly not in the database because I could see these entries in both MM4 and MM5 which use different DBs.
Any further pointers? I see only one field called Comment in MB and it does not contain these entries.

First you write:

Then you write:

So what exactly do you see in which program?
And why do you want to change this field in Mp3tag (and not directly in MediaMonkey or MusicBee)?

Oh, yet another player problem. Now, both fields use the comment extension which could lead to the effect that the text appears in a comment field.
But then again: this would also mean tha the player can read multiple comment fields.Hardly any player can cope with multiple fields of the same type.
Another suggestion: now that you found how Media Monkey writes the field - do the same in Musicbee and see where the information ends up.
And then try to define the player setup so that it reads either field. If it can't: hard luck.

Omg, I have entries in around 8k files in Media Monkey. Cant think of doing it again in MB. Hence looking for a way I could use the same field in MB too. But I get your point, I can try making a similar entry in MB and see where that goes.
Now I may ask a silly question .. Is there a quick way to copy the contents of a field to another in bulk? That could solve my problem.
Thanks for being there.

I do not want to change this field in Mp3tag. I used Mp3tag only to understand which field is being used. I need to use this field only in MM and MB. More precisely, I would like to have the entries made in this field in MM be available in MB. That is my primary goal. But this field does not show up in MB. Hence the struggle.

Yes, see the FAQs:

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Thanks a ton for that. Sorry for the delay. My system had an issue and took a couple of days to install a new motherboard.