How much music do you have?

I am interested: how much music do other heavy users of Mp3tag have?

I think that the comparison could be done based on such data: overall numbers of music files, number of leading / main artists [featured guests or a remixer does not count], days to which all those hours of playback sum up and maybe the purpose [private for your own pleasure, commercial for some kind of reselling or maybe radio related work, professional for some kind of editing or creation process like remixing]

In my case it is [almost in all of the cases]
Files: 19 000
Artists: 2000
Playtime: 36
Purpose: private

Files: 95,943
Albums: 6,737
Artists: 4,399
Purpose: private

That is miniscule. Many of us are in the millions of files.

Even every song just consts 1€ @ Itunes/AmazonMusic/...
So I guess mostly files you don't own (illegal downloads, shared with friends etc.)

You shouldn't share that information. :stuck_out_tongue:

I seriously doubt that.
And even if you have stored them ...
200.000 files probably take you 2 years (@24 hours a day) of listening time.
More than a million amounts to 5 times that: more than a decade of time you have to spend to listen to each track at least once.
And as you cannot do that (sleep is mandatory), it must have taken you more than 30 years to really have the tracks (and not only collected them). And as MP3 files only became fashionable some 10 years ago, it is at least doubtful that you have listened to (and then remembered) all the tracks which in my opinion constitute ownership.

Anyway: as there is no impartial judge I would say that this kind of discussion will lead us nowhere. My opinion.

Of course it is BS, but my math is somewhat different

If we assume that average length is 3:30 [a typical radio edit of a song], that would render an audio material for listening to 24/7 adding up to 6.66 years

So yes, the question would be: if someone has a "moderate" number of 3 millions and listens to music only for also a "moderate" time of 12 hours a day, then how often does such person enjoy listening to the those extra favorite tracks of his / hers? Because according to math it would take almost 40 years of such heavy playing to go through all of the music just once

Well, my question was about the amount and not amount vs. time and / or habits

2-3 times I stumbled here upon someone claiming to have ~100 000 files. So I wonder if such collection is something extraordinary or not; my interests about music are various [I have a site about music in general, I have blog about movie scores, I do some editing; I try to educate myself]

As for personal opinion... there was a time when I was going for the amount. But with time, with help of Mp3tag, I realized just how detrimental it was: by adding more and more of the supposed good music I was going further and further away from being able to listen to the very good music. And with even more time I realized just how much of that "good" stuff is simply mediocre or even plain bad [and so, more than once I wiped a lot of my collection and now I add new stuff scarcely and after a great consideration]. Because what would be the point of not being able to enjoy what you already have?

I once knew I guy that was deep into megamixes. Somewhere in 2002 or 2003 he said he had ~100 DVDs just with them [aside other music in files and on discs]. And I had no reason to not believe him, because he was playing some of them in the workplace and seem to know a lot about the scene. So even if somehow those megamixes were of highest quality made with modern codecs [but it is not a secret that in times of the end of Napster / popularity of eMule / beginnings of torrents most of MP3s were done with low settings and or / with weak codecs], a single DVD would still contain around 32 hours of music. So it would take him 133 days without sleep to go through them just once. Although cutting this to 8 hours per day and thus stretching it "only" to 13 months is both imaginable and manageable, still the question raises: while not being a party / radio DJ, what was the logic behind the point of hoarding them? He himself have said one day that he did not know what exactly he had [probably was not a user of Mp3tag]

[And let us put the issue of legality of those files aside, on the basis that some companies releasing such megamixes on vinyls, called remix services, did it in an illegal way in the first place; so he was not ripping them or artists- those companies were]

Zerow, Yes, I assumed you were just generally curious about mp3tag users habits and collections. That's why I gladly responded. I didn't think this was some sort of competition (who has the most!). My collection is 90% things I like (and my wife likes) and 10% things that my wife likes but not me. I certainly listen to some things more than others. Some once every 10 years. Some several times in a month. Depends on my mood, and that of any visitors to my home.

My collection is not illegal. In fact, I have all the actual purchased CDs other than a handful of digital only file purchases (after ripping CDs to lossless FLAC files, I store them away using "jewel sleves" ( in many chests that hold these and never actually play the CD; however in US law if I sold the physical CD I would lose the legal right to retain the digital rip as well; obviously the FBI is not likely to come to my house to check.). I've been building my CD collection since about 1985 when I bought my first CD. So I've been collecting music on CD for 32 years!

(I also have record albums (vinyl) I've been buying since I was a young kid. My first purchase was probably about 1963 or 1964. I used to have thousands of vinyl albums collected from early 1960s through late 1980s, but culled those down to only a few hundred back in the late 1990s. I prefer CDs and digital files ripped from CDs.)

Thank you for sharing

I really would like to hear other users numbers / opinions

As far as I can interpret the answers so far, it is not so much a thread about quantities but qualities.
And is it only about music or also about other audio files like audio books, radio plays, sounds?

It somewhat turned to qualities

But I am interested in numbers; I do not wish to judge anyone here, as It may seem that I have judged that megamixer non-DJ guy I used to know

Only music

Songs, instrumental compositions, acapellas, whatever; well, maybe not samples / stock beats

ohrenkino up to now I had respect for you. Always enjoyed the way you help. Now after reading what you think not so sure. YES millions of files MILLIONS. I was a broadcaster for 20 years & a collector for 50 years. I have 5789 files by the ventures alone. Yes many dupes because there are many versions on many lp's & cd's & dvd's. I have over 40,000 vinyl records if the average was 12 cuts per Lp then that's about 500,000. Nobody talks about listening time. My database of mp3's is in the millions, realaudio files hundreds of thousands. They are stored on 3tb toshiba drives as well as dvd's. What point was made by whoever said mp3's are only 10 years old. What rubbish. Takes about 5 minutes to rip a cd. Yes I have many many 8 tracks, reel-to-reel tapes, video discs, cde's & dvd's. So once again MILLIONS of mp3's & again yes many dupes.

OK, point taken.
As this is the MP3tag forum that deals with tagging of digital audio files, I assumed we talk about files in a format that can be treated by MP3tag.
Apparently, this was just my assumption.

according to iTunes (which may have a few gaps from my main library and does have some extra bits in it such as radio recordings) I have...
Files: 17 830 (items)
Artists: 536
Albums: 1 232
Playtime: 97.1 days
Purpose: private

If you would have said that in the beginning, then your statement abut millions most likely would have been viewed as more possible

I even predicted that some radio people would answer, and so that is why asked also for specifying

So technically that does not constitute for an answer to

But that is semantics, as a number of LP's is also a proper information in this discussion

Because I was incomprehensible to me...

I once read about hip-hop artist that I vaguely know named Talib Kweli [or maybe it was Q-Tip?], that he was a collector with ~5000 LP's . And it seemed to me back then just ridiculous, because of the time it would take him to listen to them just once [with taking into account the additional time and care needed to physically put a vinyl record on a turntable]

But maybe I just cannot understand the need of being an avid collector and not being able to listen to what such a person collects in hers / his lifetime

Umberto Eco had 50 000 books, but he needed them for his broad professional purposes and a library was made out of them when he died. But he did not red them all

Are there more people like you out here?

Or is such [digital] collection something extraordinary?

So do you use Mp3tag on all of your files?

And have you ripped all of your CD's?