How replace a some values in fields with anothe one in all tags?


I notice that I have many fields / tags with \ separating some multiple values instead of a ; as in multiple values tags
I am ripping all my CD collection to HD and NAS, and when editing the tags I allways type of rexmaple

classical; orchestral
Benjamin Britten; Peter Pears

Now I see when using MP3tag that many ripped CD conatin \ instead of ; to separate the different values

Is this normal ? Doesn't this prevent from being able to search on the different values "connected" by \ instead of separated by ; ?
Any way to have ; instead ?

TIA for all expert advices ! MP3tag is very powerfull and complex !
Thanks again

Have a look at this thread to see how many different ways there are to get multiple values into one (type of) field:

You can check in MP3tag if you have real multi-value fields by opening the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T). For real multi-value fields you should see 2 entries with the same field name.

If you do not want it to be like that, you can merge these fields with an action:

Also, you can check the column definition for the field where you see \\: if there is something like $metasep(genre,\\) then you see the contents of all multi-value fields.

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thanks !

Indeed I have multiple entries for genre in the extended tags dialog, so that's ok
And in the column header I have the $metasep(genre,\) value.
Now I understand it bettre. Many thanks