How to add Album Art in the Music Folder

I need help. There are 4 tracks in the album. I was able to add Album Art (the same art) for the 4 tracks individually. But I am unable to add the Album Art to the music folder containing 4 tracks. Can someone please help? Many thanks in advance.

What do you mean? THe windows explorer does not show the same picture as each file?
Have you tried to export the file folder.jpg?

Thank you Ohrenkino for your quick reply, much appreciated. Sorry but let me explain one more time. I have a music folder with a name of the music album but there is no picture of the album. Inside the music folder there are 4 tracks and I added the album art on all 4 individually using Mp3Tag. I thought the album picture would appear automatically on the music folder too but it did not. When I play the songs I can see the album picture but I do not see it on the music folder itself. So I wanted to know how to add it on the folder. I am not very good technically. May be you can guide me step by step. Once again thank you so much.

See here on Windows explorer related problems showing pictures:

I don't think that apart from exporting covers to the file folder.jpg that MP3tag could be of great help as this seems to be a Windows setup problem.

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You don't indicate what version of Windows you are using. Most later versions (Win7+) do not require an image, but older versions need one. Most had a "hidden" folder.jpg that would do the trick. If these do not already exist, you can use mp3tg to export a copy from the embedded artwork, simply make sure the file name you use is folder.jpg and these should appear on the browser folders like you are seeking.

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