How to add custom Genre?


I'm updating from v 3.08 to the latest beta and I noticed there's no more drop down user defined custom genre field. How can I get it back ?

And if that's not possible, how can I add user defined genre to the tags ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

Maybe this instructions can help you?

Did you not only change the release number but also the way that you installed MP3tag, so that the configuration folder has changed?
Usually, the data from genres.ini is imported also in the new version.

Thank you for the response. I searched the forum before posting and read the instructions on the link you provided but it details about how to add genre field to the tag panel. I want genre drop down field on the panel which displays the tag data after searching the online database if that can be accomplsihed.

Please have a look at this instructions:

If the GENRE field already exists, just check/activate it.
If GENRE does no not exists, you have to add it first with "Add Field":


Hello, thank you for the response. I did not change the way I installed the application. Configuration folder is intact and working properly. I think the missing user defined genre field on the review panel is hardcoded in the newer version and has nothing to do with the configuration itself.

Please refer to the screenshot in the firstpost where I highlighted where this field was in v 3.08

What you are talking about is the web sources results dialogue which has nothing to do with the tag panel.
As the web sources scripts display the data as found at the source, there is no choice, you have to take it as it is.
If you want to change the genre, then you can do that after you have applied the data from the web source with the means of MP3tag.

Or you can also change the genre with a mouse click on the displayed content of the websource ana write your genre manually.

Thank you again for the kind support. Yeah, that's precisely what I'm talking about but I don't think it's a script issue as I've done tests with the same scripts back and forth with the newer and older version of MP3TAG. Regardless of what data the web source returned, that drop down field enabled us to quickly set the custom genre.

It was so convenient to be able to parse the custom genres with the drop down with just a click, not sure what prompted the dev to remove that feature. Where can I make a request for the dev to consider it again for the future versions ?

In the mean time, is there any other way to manipulate the genre tag ?

yeah, I noticed that but the field is edit type and not the drop down type with users defined custom genres like it use to be. It's just better to be able to select a genre from the drop down instead of having to write it over and over.

I doubt that there has ever been a function in the web sources scripts to use the genre list defined for the tag panel.
You would have to change the offered genre later, after you have written the data from the web source scripts to the files.

Could Action be set to replace the genre containing the word hop with "Rap"

Like Hip-Hop becomes Rap
Hip-Hop also becomes Rap
HipHop/Rap also becomes Rap

I mean if there genre contains the word "hop" entire genre field should just replace it with "Rap" ?

Create an action of the type "Format value" for GENRE
Format string: $ifgreater($strstr(%genre%,Hop),0,Rap,%genre%)

Alternatively use a filter
%genre% HAS Hop

and set the genre as you require.

Use a filter to find
%genre% HAS Hop
Then use the tag panel, or action to format the Genre as Rap

Thanks but did not work maybe because of the Hop being the lowercase ? How do I incorporate it for both cases ?

Format string: $ifgreater($strstr($lower(%genre%),hop),0,Rap,%genre%)


I would like to thank you from the core of my heart for the valuable and kind support. This is not the first time you've helped me with strings, you're such an asset to this board, I highly appreciate your contributions as I'm sure other do as well.

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@ohrenkino 's Formatstring works perfectly for your requirement.

But please don't forget that you also change
Trip Hop
to Rap with the above Format string. Whenever "hop" is part of GENRE, it will be replaced with Rap.

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Oh!!! Yea, didn't think of that scenario.

Maybe instead of parsing "hop" as a keyword, it would be better to parse "hip" as a trigger word ?

What do you think ?

It depends on your collection. You could check your collection using the mentioned Filter first. Then you can decide on your data.