How to auto-number files?

How can I access a number representing the position of the file in the file list? E.g. to use an action to autonumber the files in the current sort order? Thanks.

You can use the auto-numbering wizard :mt_trackwiz: (CTRL+K or Tools, Auto-numbering wizard).

Thanks, but I want to access the number myself, so I can e.g. use it in an action.

e.g. %filenumber%


Brilliant! Thanks.

Suggestions for improvement:

  1. Make %_counter% work in file view columns
  2. Make %_counter% work in Tag - Filename dialog box sample
  3. Add %_counter% to Help, e.g. Tag - Filename format string.

FTR, on V2.62
1 still does not work
2 works:
3 done:

Thanks Florian.

I hope you can do 1.

Annotation to 2:
Please store relevant pictures to the Mp3tag server.

Annotation to 3:
The link does not work ...
The requested URL /main_converter.html#ttf was not found on this server.


If I have the address of a picture, I paste it into the forum message and it appears as a link. I presume if the forum needed the picture on its own server, it would copy it. But I would not be happy with that. I prefer my material to be under my control, to allow me to e.g. delete the wrong picture posted in error.

Thanks. Corrected.

??? How should any forum machine have any rights to fetch any pictures from anywhere, from which you are the owner ??? (... leave the known search machines aside)
A public forum has somewhat of a private place, in the meaning that registering is required, and someone can/should trust the owner of the site.

You have full control about your data in the Mp3tag forum, because your words and pictures are always stored at and reachable under the Mp3tag server address.

DD.20140914.1425.CEST, DD.20140914.1825.CEST

It would ask for permission. E.g. in the sign-up.

I thought this forum was a public place. But perhaps our difference here is due only to translation of the words.

Perhaps. Since this forum software does not provide me a list of my pictures AFACIT, that is not possibly for me to verify. Forum software such as this is something I am not comfortable relying on. Plus it does not give me the control that lets the picture at a quickly pasted address be stored on the forum.

This gives me a single number format, but I want to stay depending on how many files I list. For example in an album where there are 10 files, I want the first to be 1/10 and the last 10/10

Something like this, but in an inverted way.

How can I accomplish this?

What are you referring to?
On the problem of leading zeros see e.g.

I'm not talking about zeros, I never mentioned zeros in my question.
I mean that %_counter% only gives me the track number, but not the total number of tracks as iTunes does.
As I mentioned in the previous post if I have an album with 10 files I want the track number of each music is as follows.

But if I use %_counter% it only gives me the numbers just like this

The easiest way would still be to use the track-numbering assistant.

See also this thread on the total number of files:

Where is this assistant?

I read it, but I didn't understand much, my language isn't English and the translator doesn't translate it very well, so whatever I understood that I used something like this in a "Format Value" action in the TRACK %_counter%/%_total% field but it doesn't work for me.

You find this function in the Options menu or in the toolbar fairly far on the right side.

It could be that the variable %_total_files% suits your purpose better. It returns the number of selected files.

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Excellent, just what I wanted. I knew this existed, but I didn't know where to look. I've gone blind.

Thank you also for this, it has given me an idea of how to do it with a function as follows:

Thanks you so much