How to auto-populate Cover Art and NOT change anything else

So I have my tags set just like I like them to be but none of my music files have any Cover Art. I am trying to avoid manually downloading and assigning Cover Art to each album.

Is there a way to automatically ONLY add Cover Art and make NO OTHER changes to tags, only Cover Art and nothing else, automatically?

I tried using mp3tag to get cover art but mp3tag gets all other information, except for Cover Art, and even so, there's no way that I can see to specify to only add Cover Art and nothing else, automatically. Thank you for suggestions.

I think the default installation comes with dedicated web source scripts that do not download anything but covers.
See the entries that branch off at Web Sources>Covers

Thank you for posting, I spent good ten minutes looking for words "Web Sources" in every menu and submenu of mp3tag's latest version and unfortunately cannot find it...
Would you mind posting again to tell me where "Web Sources" are?

It's the menu 2 left of the menu "Help" - it should have something like "sources" in the name.

Yes, Mp3tag > Tag Sources > Cover Art

So this is exactly why I posted this thread, after that, how exactly do you get only art and nothing else? As a matter of fact I get everything else here except for art, try it and you will see...

This does not happen here.

Anyway, have a look at AlbumArtDownloader:

I think I figured it out for one album.
But if you have a folder in which there are 100 albums, do you have to do each of the 100 separately?
If all 100 already have separate different album tags, can that be used to automatically get 100 different album covers? Or do we need to have 100 separate operations to do it?

Yes. It has been like that all the time.

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