How to autotag ORIGYEAR into YEAR field? If not exist > oldest release date

How to autotag %originaldate into year-tag?
Problem nowadays is the Release data of compilations or remastered albums are set as their Year-tag.
So for ex. ''The Beatles - Hey Jude'' will get the year-tag 2017 (if there was any remastered album released that year).
Not good, when you sort your tunes on year & want to grab the ''zeitgeist'' for a playlist.

Seems it is possible using MusicBrainz Picard, see here:

Only problem remains, if there's no value in %originaldate, then it should seek for older releasedate and insert that value.

Anyone has a clue how to approach this with MP3tag?
Filetypes: MP3 + FLAC

As MP3tag does not compare separate files, I do not see much hope there.
In a way this would be something like a search for duplicates which has often been requested but never been implemented.
So you would have to resort to some kind of external tool to find these duplicates.
Once you have them, it should be easy to copy the tags from one file to the other.

Based on the link you've posted above, I think this entry from the FAQ is what you're looking for:

If you only want to copy the ORIGYEAR field, if it actually exists in the file and preserve the YEAR field otherwise, you can use


As for how to store multiple year information, you can read this topic:

Seems like I need to find an autotagger app that has the option of enabling only to alter YEAR tag, with the option of Select OLDEST RELEASEDATE or ORIGYEAR.

SongKong Pro for ex. didnt do the trick for me, since the data/input based on album YEAR wise.

Thanks Florian.
IF the ORIGINAL YEAR tag excists, it copies that value over to the more common used YEAR tag.
This means, the value should already be there, but it's a start :slight_smile:
Now, some have a value of 1996-05-20 for ex.
I just want to end up with 1996.
How do I limit the value written into YEAR to those 4 digits?


See Mp3tag Help — Scripting functions for an extensive list of other goodies :slight_smile: