How to batch create playlists into subfolders

It's almost a year since I last used mp3tag...

Please could someone recall to me how to batch create induvidual playlists into several album subfolders which are located in one main folder?
What I did earlier:
I open a main folder with many albums, sort and select all files in all albums and?
I suppose it was followed by a keyboard shortcut, which created into each album folder a separate local playlist.
Can anyone help me to remember this?

Look here:

Thanks, so I expected but unfortunately ctrl+shift+P doesn't work anymore :frowning:
Is it because of Windows 7 64x incompatibility or whatever, once creating batch playlists option was an essential part of mp3tag :frowning:
And searching google doesn't provide any fix.

The last post in that topic describes another method with the Export tool.

And ctrl+shift+P work best when you selected only one file and when the files in Mp3tag are sorted by path.

Thanks, but the second method is somehow obscure and doesn't seem to work either.

Does that means this global playlist function isn't by application design and works just occasionally on some PCs? I used this function on my previous Windows XP PC hundreds of times without any problems.
Is it Windows 7 why it doesn't work now or something in local configuration is wrong?

PS. This script has failed and I don't know if it's expected to run each time again or maybe I failed to pick the correct files from list but there were no results.

Unfortunately this topic was of no help to me but now, a year later I found the essential part, which was missing.
ctrl+shift+P to work as expected there must be file name preceded with %_directory%\ in Playlist settings:


When creating playlist normally, this preceding %_directory%\ should be removed, else there may be error message.

I hope writing it again here once again makes it easier to find for others and also it's including me.

Thank for the great application I'm returning already several times over years.