How to batch Im-/Export of Cover Art?

Hi there!

I didn't fully understand the description on how to create
a batch job (action?) etc... :astonished:

Just an example:
What I'd like to do is extract/delete/import all cover art pictures from
my collection into the same directory as the audio file:

TFF - Shout.M4A

should give two files:

TFF - Shout.M4A
TFF - Shout.jpg

I've encoded my huge .WAV collection to .M4A and added pictures to the files.
Now I want to re-encode my whole collection from .WAV to .M4A or .AAC again
but keep the pictures I've already found...

Is this possible with MP3TAG?


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You can use the action types

Export cover to file (with the string folder)


Import cover from file (with the string folder.jpg)