How to change the color background of the selected item in the files list?


i searched around all over the option but i can't find a way to change the way (the color or make it bold black) of the selected item in the files list.
Look at my screenshot, i hardly make a difference between light-blue and light-grey ( i selected the line with Clapton Chronicles)

i could be super to customize the background color like :

  • selected : soft green
  • not selected : soft red

Thank you for your help.

I think that MP3tag uses the windows theme colours.
You can tweak them a little bit in Tools>Options>General>Show grid lines.

Please read also about this:

Maybe it is what you are [also] asking [or wishing] for; and so maybe you can support my request back there

thank for all your replies.
i already activate the SHOW GRID LINE option.

in fact, i think i discover a bug.
The first screenshot is in this state of color when the focus is anywhere. by exemple when i edit the comment .
Because the listview lost its focus, the color are "grey".
But once i just select the item, the color are good :
So , i just think the develop (as i am too) have to activate the property/option in his c++ compiler/visual studio component to not switch of the focus outside the listview.

The thing saif just before me is right too.
The color between the colum and the line-items are too confusing.

i don't know it the coder-develop read me, and i hope he compiles mp3tag using Visualstudio because the solution of my problem is there

retain blue background on listview selected item when focus leaves

Generally I would appreciate if there would be a possibility to have more influence on these colours.
But I don't have your problem in such an extreme way. Maybe you have to tweak the windows-settings a little bit.

This way it looks with the focus in the list view:


And this way it looks with the focus in the tag-panel:

The grey of the highlighted lines is distinctly darker then the grey of the not hightlighted lines.

Me too

I once again took time to investigate that

I it turns out that I do not have such profound distinction as you. And I wish I had

My every other grey line is RGB 242 242 242- just like on your screenshoot. While those that are on your screenshoot RGB 217 217 217, in my Mp3tag are not uniform- they are built [from top to bottom] from 251 251 251 to 231 231 231; thus might lighter, almost indistinguishable from the rest. And so I cannot use that setting

[And I think I already wrote about this issue a long time ago]

MP3Tag's design depends on the general settings of Windows.
But there you can tweak anything to your preferences up to an absolute horrible design.

The problem: This affects your whole windows design with all its applications.
But: It's easy to switch between normal and "horrible" design with Alt+Shift+Print.

Windows 10: Go to Settings, Ease of Access, High Contrast for the extreme ones.

Yes, that is one of the facets in regards to this issue. And what is more: if someone [like me] already invested time and effort in color tweaking of other frequently used pieces software, the willing to tweak the whole OS in order to get to a particular application is also subdued [REQUEST: Night mode button]

And the second obvious conclusion would be: aside from this one very limited option [Tools > Options > General > Display grid lines at file view] Mp3tag does allow the user for any changes in regards to colors. And some users have problems with that [that you cannot see the selection clear enough or have to make a choice if you prefer a clear selection but with the list looking unclear]