How to change the folder "Various" for Sampler


have searched in the forum and in the faq, but cannot find a solution:

i am using audiograbber, when i rip a sampler, i get the following output:


Is it possible to change this to the following:


i don not want to change the name of the mp3's, but want to change or create automatically the folder name with the name of the artist.

Please help and thanks in advance


You can use the Tag - Filename wizard. Something like "%artist%\%_filename%" should work.

Doesn't work here - it yields not




If anyone knows a solution (that works for any super-folder) I'd love to hear.

By the way, according to Help %_filename% is not one of the placeholders allowed here. Anyone know if this is defined behaviour, and where defined? Thanks.

Sorry, "..\%artist%\%_filename%" then.

That's works! Excellent! Thanks.

But again that's undefined behaviour, according to Help. Is there an up-to-date Help that covers these things?

I'll add these placeholders to the help file to the next release.

Best regards,
~ Florian