How to change UNSYNCEDLYRICS language identifier?

I Have Nearly 6000 Mp3 Songs,Nearly 3500 With Lyrics

But My Problem is that in my iPod,My Lyrics Don't get Displayed
On researching I found that "UNSYNCEDLYRICS" Begins With XXX||
I Need To Change Them From XXX|| To eng|| :angry:
But It is impossible to do this for 3500 files :unsure: :astonished: ,is there any solution to this automated(in Batch) :flushed:

There is no button for this particular problem. The solution is, that you have to study what Mp3tag can help to solve your problem.

See Mp3tag Actions and related functionality to replace some character string with another character string.

There are many sources in the forum regarding UNSYNCEDLYRICS.
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Edit. Search link removed, because it could mislead.
Possibly this link offers help.
Also there are functions in the Mp3tag scripting language, which can be used along with an action "Format value" to solve the task.


I Don't Want To Export The Lyrics,Only Want To Change the language To English
For Example,
XXX||Lyric Text,I Want To Convert This Into
eng||Lyric Text

You could create an action

Actions - How to create one

That uses one of the replace functions

Replace Functions

and then run it on the mp3's ..... I think

Thank You,It worked Out.
3000 MP3s UNSYNCEDLYRICS Chaged Within Seconds