How to check if the name is repeated?

I have several (different) albums sorted by artist.
Queen/The Miracle/01 Party.mp3
Luciano Pavarotti/The People's Tenor/01 Nessun dorma!.mp3

But I want to know when an album has a Song with the same title and the same track. For example

Queen/Album Name/09 The Music.mp3
Luciano Pavarotti/The People's Tenor/09 The Music.mp3

Is it possible to identify these files in different folders with an action? I would like to see the list of matching songs

Mp3tag does not compare data of different files.
You can create an export script and then use some other program that compares data records.

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Okay, thank you so much for your quick response.

Out of curiosity: why do you need such data?

Knowing that a song X is on album Y and Z- I understand. But that they have the same track number assigned to them, when these albums are by different artists- I do not see usability of such info

It seems exactly the same: Wish some functionality like PHP

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