how to copy album artist to composer

I want to transfer or at least copy the details I have in the Album Artist column to the Composer column. I believe I know how to do this, but it isn't working.
I go to Actions (Quick) -->Format value --> Field: Album Artist, String: %Composer%, but nothing happens.
Can someone help me please?

In the FAQs /t/967/1

Thanks stanman; this is what I was doing (except I had the two fields inverted). But it doesn't copy the album artist into the composer column. I can't work out what is wrong. Any suggestions?

It should work but there has to be an albumartist-tag with data.

Type: Format value
String: %albumartist%

What I notice in your first post is that you write "Album Artist" and not ALBUMARTIST.
Is there really a tag calles Albumartist in your files?

Thank you poster. Since writing earlier, I managed to copy data in some directories, but not in others. I do have a column marked ALBUM ARTIST (and not ALBUMARTIST) containing information.
In those directories where I cannot make changes, I have tried using %albumartist% as the string, and this works!! I did think it was strange having two separate names for the same string.
Thanks for putting me on track.
Florio :slight_smile: