How to copy filename fields to Title and Artist?

I have a bunch of MP3 files with the standard filename format - , for example
"Carl Perkins - Gone Gone Gone.mp3"
I want to copy the artist and title into the Artist and Title fields in MP3Tag. Clearly, I could do this by copy-pasting the data for each song but with so many songs that would take ages. I suspect that MP3Tag has some way to batch-automate the process but can't find it. I've looked in First Steps and this forum without success. Maybe I'm using the wrong technical terms as Search arguments.
Can anyone help here ?

Use this search words:
copy artist title from filename
and you get a lot of direct hints :wink:

THe HowTos are a good place:

or even the help:

Thank you LyricsLover and ohrenkino for these rapid replies which led me immediately to the info I needed and are now saving me a lot of time.
My third donation will be on its way to MP3Tag imminently. This app is impressive.
By the way, I was impressed that the forum search engine was able to parse and interpret the "copy artist title from filename" search argument. In my experience very few forum search facilities can do that.