How to delete numbers in the file name?

How to delete file numbers in mp3tag...

plz see screenshot...


This enervating!
Please read the FAQs before you ask a really frequently asked question.
See: /t/967/1

i am unable to understand this ..plz suggest me in easy format


Then please tell me what part of the instructions of the FAQs you do not understand as I think the FAQs are fairly straight forward.

i read 2/3 times all FAQ, but which one is for me thats real problem........

See /t/967/1
which deals with the removal of track numbers: "Remove/trim leading track numbers" - as I think that is what you want to do.

You can also use "Convert > Tag - filename" with

$trimleft(%_filename%,0123456789 )

i am trying number of times but didnt work...plz help me...

Thanks Ohreniko... i am trying this number of times but not work for me..........

Now you have to help me a little before I can help you again.
WHich function did you use?
What have you typed in?
What is the result?
Why did you think that this function with that input would lead to results?
What did you modify when you tried it a number of times?