How to delete old folders after rename

Hello this is my first post but I've been using Mp3Tag for over a year now so let me first congratulate Mr. Florian for this excellent program. No tagger/rename can even compare to this one (at least those I've tried...). Really good!!

Now for my question: After I change my template for renaming files from tags from for example %artist%\%album%\%title% to %artist%(%year%) %album%\%title% the old folder %artist%\%album% remains (empty of course). What I want is after the renaming to automaticaly delete this old folder. Is this acheivable? if so how? if not then consider this a feature request please :slight_smile:

It is not possible at the moment and AFAIK, Florian doesn't want to implement it either. :slight_smile:

The problem here is what to do with all files (jpg, nfo, txt or others) which are in the same original folder and that MP3Tag doesn't know about (it loads info only for mp3 or other musical format).

I think Florian is right; better to leave the user decide about it.

But it's only my opinion, of course...

To delete empty folders, have a look at this article:,1759,805015,00.asp

foobar2000 0.9 beta supports this, it can also move additional files with the audio files.

Yes that is a concern but I was talking about folders containing only mp3 and not other files (the folders would be completely empty, 0.0 bytes).

After reading this article I guess this is what I'm going to do for my partiular case... seems simple enough. Thanks Sebastian Mares :slight_smile:

and what about renaming the same folder with mp3tag not creating new one?

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