How To Disable Splash Screen?

This might help on slow systems such as mine :slight_smile: !

Mp3tag loads all settings and the language file while displaying the splash screen. Disabling it won't speed up things.

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Maybe so, but it would make me happy to not have to see it, seeing a splash makes things feel slower no matter if they are or not :wink: besides you lie, it WOULD save time, possible several MS! :stuck_out_tongue:

and btw, the friggin thing sits there in the way even after the program has loaded, eeew! :stuck_out_tongue:

It is June of 2010, would the author please consider finally allowing us to disable the splash screen.

Superfast computers with Solid State Drives load the program instantaneously and users just sit there every time waiting for the damn splash screen to disappear so they can start using the program.

I must say I agree, it should be possible to disable the splashscreen on this superb soft.
It's slightly annoying to have to wait when clearly the soft is done loading (I'm on SSD as well, almost everything loads -instantly-).

Other great applications with splashscreen such as Goldwave or Isobuster support a /noflash argument that will simply disable it (just add /noflash in the shortcut).

Maybe Mp3tag could keep the splashscreen by default but could support this argument for advanced users who wish to hide it?

It's reeeeally a tiny annoyance however, this software is just awesome. :sunglasses:
My 2 cents anyway!

Could you please stop this pointless thread.
You have seen the programmer's reply.
This should put an end to the discussion.

I would find it much more appropriate that if you want to boast your possession of an SSD to post that as an off-topic thread.

  1. The author's answer is from 5 years ago.
  2. Mentioning the SSD was solely to emphasize that on recent systems nothing is being done/loaded during most of the splash display (since these devices are so fast).
  3. If you aren't happy with this request, feel free to ignore it and have fun on the next thread.

Allright, let us get this on a little more scientific basis:
could you time for the rest of us, how long the splash screen is displayed?
On my rather sluggish system without any fancy extras like SSDs it stays there for about 3 seconds.
What about yours?

About the same, your point being?

This topic is going in the wrong direction.

At the moment it's still not on my top priority list to provide means to disable the splash screen. However, I'm aware that there are many users out there who would welcome this. It's on my internal wish list and we'll see what the future brings.

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Which may bring us to some kind of philosophical discussion of the purpose of a splash screen.
The other participants in this thread mentioned other programs that do not display a splash screen (at the user's wish). And then there are, to my experience, other programs as well that a) do not have such an option :sunglasses: take ages before any user interaction is possible. or c) programs that also take ages to load but do not display anything so that one is tempted to start the program twice.

(I once had to re-sussitate a PC where 29 instances of open office were "running" due to impatience on the user side - actually, the PC was dead. I do know that MP3tag does not allow several instances).
I know that MP3tag lives from the user input and that this section is intended for suggestions.
But I fear that abolishing the splash screen will then lead to a similar discussion like that about the filtering of large lists "I cannot see whether a program does something or not, I would like some feedback". So it is back to the splash screen again?
What would be the advantages or disadvantages of having the splash screen?
We have heard those who do not like one, I tried to show reasons to keep it. We even found out that we are talking about a period of 3 seconds.

In the end it is up to the programmer to implement the functions in this or the other way.

No one is saying abolish the splash screen!

Just please give us the option to add /ns or similar to the Target in its shortcut, problem solved.

How hard is it to just simply give us that option? There is no need to disable any defaults or worry about people who like it...

Oh.. seriously? /sarcasm

Thank your for this official update on the matter Florian. (it sounds promising ^^)

The most suited solution, I think as well.
Again it's a really minor cosmetic request, if Florian can implement it, great. If not, no worries!

May 2011

Still begging for an option just an option to disable the splash screen.

The splash display time has been reduced some time ago, did you test it?

Yes it was reduced from about 2 seconds to about 1 second.

The program, however, opens instantaneously. That means the splash screen is up about 1000 milliseconds longer than it should be... for the superfast computer user.

If we use it 10,000 times over a period of years, that's almost 3 hours of our lives it took to watch and wait for the thing to finish displaying itself while the program has been ready instantaneously.

Splash screen can last 1 second or 10 seconds by default - that is up to the author. What we are asking is just an option that would allow us to go in and disable it as a personal preference. It's annoying to watch it stay up, it serves no purpose other than to annoy us by making us wait every time we use the program.

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Please, give us the option to disable the splash screen.