How to export album collection with metatags information


I'd like to export my collection into an excel spreadsheet. I do not want to export tracks but only album. The goal would be to fill columns according to the metatags of tracks of an album

%artist% | %albumname% | %catalogid% | %releasedate% | % www%

Thank you for your help

Have you tried some of the examples in the

I assume that you want to get a list of albums but not the list of the individual titles.
Please note that the fields that you mention

are no standard names for fields.

You could try this script:
$filename(csv,utf-16)Artist | Album | Catalog ID | Release Date | www
$loop(%artist%)$loop(%album%,1)%artist% | %album% | %catalogid% | %releasetime% | %www%

That\s almost exactly what I want. The script works well and gets all the needed information, but the data are not well separated into columns when opening the file in excel. Everything is written in the first cell. What should I do ?

$filename(csv,utf-16)Artist,Album,Catalog ID,Release Date,www

Same conclusion :confused:

EDIT : It's OK now. Thanks a lot