How to extract part of Path to Comment field?

Trying to transfer data from Tag-Tag. Would like to extract part of Path to Comment field of Tag. Is this possible? Can't find a way. Thanks

It's the converter "Filename – Tag" in this case, see this post from the FAQ for details:

Having problem with this. Let's make a simpler case. Using File to Tag, Copy dir (folder) name to comment field if ID3. Assume dir name is: Abc-def. I can't even do that. Sorry. I can extract anything from filename to tag, but not from directory name.

In the topic linked above, there is a section on How to import parts of the folder structure into the tag? Have you seen this? It describes how to import from directory name.

Let me know if anything is unclear and if so, possibly give an example of what you've tried.

Yes, I did read it all. Tried the following \ %comment%
Wanted the whole directory name copied to comment in ID3 tag

Everything from the directory path comes before the \, so it would be %comment%\. Since you don't want to import anything from the filename, you need to denote it with %dummy%.

So the correct format string would be

Thanks - made progress :slight_smile: This did work:


Now will have to try filtering out part of that directory :slight_smile:

It follows the same pattern. If your directory name consists of, e.g., two parts where you want to omit one of them, use %dummy% again for the part you want to filter out.

An example directory name would be abc def - xyz and you only want to import the xyz part. A format string to achieve that would be

%dummy% - %comment%\%dummy%