How to filter for double quote (")

title HAS "

Does not work. How else would I do this? Thanks.

Excerpt from the Help-file in the section Filter:

It is not possible to filter by strings containing double quotations marks. This is a limitation of the feature.

You can filter for the quote with a little more complex expression:
"$ifgreater($strstr(%title%,$char(34)),0,yes,no)" IS yes

Thanks for the suggestion, but it doesn't work. This is the double-quote character (") not two single-quotes ('') if that matters.

Yes, as your topic title says " How to filter for double quote (“)"
The ascii code for an apostrophe is 39.
So a simple modification of the filter would do the trick:
"$ifgreater($strstr(%title%,$char(39)$char(39)),0,yes,no)" IS yes

Yes, that works! Thanks.

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