How To Get A Capital Letter

Hey guys, I am new to the forums (this is my first post). I've been self-learning and experimenting with MP3Tag, and I must say I am quite impressed by it's abilities.

However, I need some help. Can somebody tell me what I would need to enter to turn all words to begin with an uppercase?

My topic title and description is an example of how I would like my library to look.

Thanks a bunch!!!!

Also, please forgive me if there is/are other posts in which this query is answered, I browsed through many posts but couldn't find it. Perhaps it's an unusual request?

Highlight the tracks you want to change and go to Actions > Case Conversion.

Press F1 and you will find there is a fairly comprehensive "user manual" that explains all the features of MP3Tag, which will aid your 'self learning'.

It is actually part of the FAQs, frequently asked questions ...