How to get all the tags in one txt.


Sorry to bother again, I just want to make things easier. :slight_smile:

I have a txt file, include all the infos:



(but the files don't have track numbers, and I asked how to add them yesterday here: /t/15204/1



I can get all the infos, but how do I add all infos to the files? This is really a difficult thing for me now, coz I have to copy and paste one by one.
And I tried to separat the infos to different txts, but it will take more time to finish editing.

Please remember, all infos are in one txt file, and the track files don't have track number in both file name and tag. Hope somebody can help.

Check the file as an exanple please.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

infos.txt (391 Bytes)

Inspite of using your textfiles which maybe are not tin the exact format for every album to my opinion it would be easyer to tag the albums with mp3tag from websources like freedb, amazon, itunes and so on.

Thank you.

But most of the time, the infos doesnt match.
So, I have to do it myself. :slight_smile:

Read about a somewhat similar problem there ...
Tags exportieren und importieren