How to get Artist Art from ???

I don't want Coverart i want to include Artistart Pics to my MP3s...

What I know - how to get the Data?
What I don't know - how to use the Data!

Let's say i want to Tag all my Depeche Mode Title with the current max voted Depeche Mode Art...

I can open the the following URL with an URLencoded Artistname:

I get an XML File looking like this:

<similarartists artist="Depeche Mode" streamable="1" picture="" mbid="8538e728-ca0b-4321-b7e5-cff6565dd4c0">
... unneeded info ...

So there is a picture attribute in the root tag of that xml file..

How to get this picture as album art in all mp3s who has "Depeche Mode" as Artist?

I made a script /t/5717/1