How to get title & track number in 'title' field?

I am using a creative Zen Vision M for my audio-books. The Zen sorts via the 'title' field. As audio-books, especially unabridged ones, are lengthy it greatly assists navigation if the title and track number is included in the title tag.

For example 'The Invisible Man Pt 01 - 001'

I have set the 'Title' field in MP3 tag so that it displays in MP3 Tag in the title field as:
'The Invisible Man Pt 01 - 01/87'
By using '%title% %track%' in the 'value' field for title

The problem I have is that when I transfer the audio-book to the Zen the title only shows
'The Invisible Man Pt 01'

I previously used foobar and managed to get title and track number in the title field on the Zen, but I find MP3 Tag, apart from this issue, easier to use.

I would be grateful for any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong.


I assume you changed a column in the file view, but this does not change your tags, it only changes what Mp3tag (one word) displays.
I suggest to revert this change.

To add the track number to the title tag create a new action:

Action type: Format value
Field: TITLE
Format string: %title% %track%

That's great thanks dano - have tried it and I now have the track numbers in the title field. Spent ages trying to work this out...................many thanks for your help :smiley:

I thank hector896 for starting this topic, as I had the exact same problem. I'm totally unfamiliar with Action, I thought the way to do it would be tag-tag conversion. Since this feature doesn't exist, I've resorted to entering the numbers manually.

I still find Action scripts daunting. Maybe I need a dummy's guide. :slight_smile: