How to I automatically put the second artist into the title

Suppose the title is AAA and the artists are x, y. How do I make it AAA (feat. y) automatically?

Here is a thread that deals with "featuring" - see if there is something for you:

You could split the field artist with "Import tag fields"
Source: %artist%
Target: %artist%, %myartist%

Then add %myartist% to TITLE with an action of the type "Format value" for TITLE
Format string: `%title% (feat. %myartist%)
then delete the field MYARTIST.

BUT beware: three are so many artists that have a comma as valid band names like
Earth, Wind & Fire
Portugal, the man
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Bell, Book & Candle
I doubt that they should get split.

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how do i "import tag fields"

I think it is now time to have a look at the FAQs and Howtos:

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could you try to make a string for me if you dont mind? i basically want
(Old) ARTIST: x,y,z
(New) TITLE: AAA (feat. y, z)
(New) ARTIST: x
[all for any number of artists]

please dont do it if you dont want to

I have already described the string and the course of actions:

But I cannot create the action for you and execute it.
The linked FAQs describe how to create an action.
So all you need ist already there.

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oh. i will look into it. thanks

bruh youre a goat. i saw your comment on another thread and it really helped me. youre making my Mp3tag experience so much better. thank you

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