How to import?

Am i dumb or what? I just can't find a button to import your exports.

Pls help!

Convert > text file - tag

I want to create a list of my MP3 files in HTML format using the cool templates offered here. How can i do that?

You download the template and copy/extract it to %appdata%\Mp3tag\export

No, doesnt work.

The files don't show up in the export window.

Where exactly did you put it?
See freedb and Web Sources

Okay, i put it in the export folder in the application folder and there it works.

thx 4 the help.

I tried this several times, exporting to csv and txt_taglist files. Then Convert>Text file - Tag from the csv file I just exported.

All I get is errors: Cannot parse line1. Cannot parse ...

This should be really simple. What could I be doing wrong?

Have you checked the data file? If the first line cannot be parsed - what does it look like? Is it empty?
Also it could be that the character that you use as separator is also part of the field data and therefore leads to a wrong field count.
If you have a word processor at hand that can create a table from the csv-data, then convert the data to a table and see whether the columns match.

My big error: I didn't supply the format string. Trying again, still not getting it right. Need to learn/experiment.
New problem: There must be a better way than generating format string on the fly. Do users of this software have an efficient way of saving or generating format strings for a given project?

No, there is no best way.
You would have to take care of that yourself. You could e.g. supply a list of fields as the first line in such a file.
But as there are so many possible export formats, MP3tag leaves it to the user to think of something.
(You may have noticed that you can also export files following the html or even rtf conventions - a list of fields would probably not make much sense there).

You can also use the export to swap fields or leave out some of them so that the new field list would not match the old one.
There are so many use cases ...