How to insert dash between words?

how can i put a dash between words that begin with an uppercase in title?

i have a title like this>


it should be like this>


how can i accomplish that?

i made a search using the search tab at the top of this page left of SUPPORT tab. but it gives me an errormessage saying that--if you dont know how to use a function --something like that. why this happen? how can i make a fruitful search?


Hi evergreen,
you have posted within a very short time several topics that run around more or less the same task.


Don't you think it is about time to try out the first answer and then apply the acquired knowledge to your other tasks?
As it is quoted in


"solution cannot be achieved by a simple inquiry here on the board".

So have a look at
the MP3tag help (press F1) and read the instructions on actions and replacing.

sorry for my haste in posting different issues within a short span of time. but today i have posted two different issues i think. one is to eliminate a character from the beg and the next one entirly different one of putting a dash in btw words that begin with an upper case. of course it comes under replace action. i thought it is not wise to raise so many problems in one post. thats why i made two seperate post. the experienced people can help less experienced ones very easily thus save their time. that is what the board is doing. thanks a lot . have a nice day.

Read the FAQ /t/967/1

refer to post no-12
thanks a lot dano for the suggestions. but sorry to say, it doesn't work.
the first option (|)(\U) gives me all the letters of the title but for the first letter- divided into two with spaces btw it is like this T hi sI sT he Ti tl e

the second option gives me result as this-

all the letters are devided with a space i/r/o case.
it is like this>

T h i s I s T h e T i t l e

is it possible to get a space before each upper case letter?should be like this>

This Is The Title

It is important that you select [x] case-sensitive comparison on this action.

There is a typo, see above bold uppercase U.
In the FAQ there is a lowercase u
Action type: Replace with regular expression
Field: TITLE
Regular expression: (\l)(\u)
Replace matches with: $1 $2
[x] case-sensitive comparison

Such misspelling of regular expressions leads to irritating results.


Hai Dano and DetlevD,
thanks a lot for the effort of suggesting. i made lowercase (u) and checked the case sensitive comparison and It worked.. i got the words seperated by spaces. now i can get a dash in btw by putting another replace action. have a nice day

You can use
Replace matches with: $1-$2
to get your dashes in the first run.

thanks dano for the promt suggestion.

(\l)(\u)--works only when i copy paste the string from this post.when i type the string it is not accepted .but what is wrong with my typing the exp--(\|)(\u)- is it not the shift forward slash key?

No it's a backslash. Alt + \

It seems that you have to learn to use your keyboard error free.
And you have to turn on the understanding of the context where you are working now.

If we are speaking of lower characters, then we are semantically not far away from using the letter l as an abbreviation, even used when handling with regular expressions.

It's a bit rich to pick the one wrong character on the keyboard to immediately have a problem.
You seem to be a master of this tactical warfare.

Back again to clear the situation ... you have used the pipe symbol by pressing [Alt]+[1][2][4] (numbers from the NumBlock) or on some keyboards (german for instance) by pressing [AltGr]+[<].

The pipe "|" symbol is a totally different character than the lower case letter "l".
pipe symbol "|" ==> | ... l <== lower case letter "l".

I hope you see the difference now and understand that even for you a "u" is not equal to "U".