How to move a tag to another field


I´m sure that my question has been given and were already answered. But I´m not able to find.

I want move a value to another field.... e.g. all values from YEAR should be moved to ALBUM (YEAR should be blank after that)

Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

There is something similar in the FAQs:

instead of the "xyz" use %year%.

Only: it does not make sense esp. if you delete the contents of the field YEAR afterwards. You go from structured data in fields to an unstructured string in a single field.
I would no delete the contents in the field YEAR - because if you think different in the future, you can easily remove the data that corresponds with YEAR from the field ALBUM.
And: if you add YEAR to ALBUM, use a unique separator between the pseudo-fields for reasons of easier splittability. The hyphen is a bad separator in this respect.

Thanks for your fast reply.
I don´t want to append, I want to move all values from YEAR to ALBUM (e.g.). Afterwards YEAR should be blank. Format values don´t seems to be the needed action....

You have to delete the source field afterwards.
You can combine that in an action group that first appends the one field and with the next action deletes the source field.

It do not work completely....
YEAR will be removed, but not displayed in ALBUM.
Removing YEAR afterwards works perfectly, so both tags are finally blank :frowning
What I´m doing wrong?

The format value action does not work like that.
If you want to add YEAR to ALBUM, you have to select the field ALBUM
Format string: %album% _ %year%

Like that it works now.
Thanks for support....

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