How to open Windows folder?

I cannot see how I can, from the MP3TAG window, open the Windows folder of any track.

I want to view all the files in that folder to make certain that there are no files that should not be there.

Surely I should not have to jump to Windows explorer to do this?

You can use a user-defined tool via "Options > Tools" for that, which allows for opening the file's folder in Windows Explorer via the context menu


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Define it in the the tools-menue.

File -> Options -> Tools - New Button

Name: Explorer here
Path: c:\windows\explorer
Parameter: /e, /select, "%_path%"

To call a tool:
Click with the right mouse button on the file.
Choose: Tools
Choose: Explorer here

Oops: Florian was faster

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My thanks to you both and it works as you have said. However is there a way to make explorer automatically open to the folder containing the MP3TAG highlighted file?

Unless that can be achieved I cannot be certain that I am browsing to the same folder that contains the MP3TAG highlighted file.

Isn't that an explorer setting for the navigation pane: expand to open folder?

That is exactly what the tool does if you envoke it with the right mouse button clicking on the file.
It takes the path to the file as a parameter and therefore shows the right directory.


Thanks for your patience. I had made an error in the parameter line. It works just fine now.

frecking Awesome! thanks mate!